Planning for ‘19-’20


Hold onto your pizza slices. Next year there will be five lunch waves at BMS.

Matthew Stashower, Staff Writer

Next year two schools will be one.
There are still a lot of details the BOE has to determine. Pods will be merged. There will be a super pod with 150 students. All teachers will be sharing classrooms with other teachers. A lot will be different next year

¨I’m not worried, it’s more of a concern,” said Principal Dr. Adam Rosen. “But that concern is something we can plan for. You know you can have many many students in the school, as long as you plan for all the spaces and the needs for all the kids. That’s what we’re working on everyday here at Bedford.”
He went on to say more. “It’s not lost on me that becoming one school will be a challenge, but the reality is that for next year everyone is going to be a Bedford student. Everyone will be considered Bedford kids.”

To help achieve this the school is going to do some orientations in the beginning of the year that will bring the community together.”

Another big question next year is lunch. “There will be five lunch waves because we will have 1,300 students next year.. We can only really feed about 280 kids at a time.”
Dr. Rosen also said that lunch will be 41 minutes long instead of 30 minutes. The first lunch wave will start at 10:24 AM. But since it starts so early there may be recess at the beginning of the lunch wave. The last lunch wave will start at 1:15 p.m. and end at 2:00 p.m.

When asked if it will be an adjustment for the teachers Dr. Rosen said “Prior to the merger, teachers had the pod space all day. They had that space to meet, to plan with administrators, counselors, psychologists, providers. grade papers, make calls home to parents or respond to parents. Next year, the teachers have to come out of the pod and my job is to try to find spaces in the building where teachers can get their work done.” Teacher will have to adjust to not having their own classroom to work in. Some teachers are already experiencing this now.

When asked about spaces for encore classes and P.E., Dr. Rosen said, ¨We’re also adding portable classrooms outside the gym area and outside the bus area. So these are classrooms outside of the school and that’s going to be a adjustment for teachers to be teaching in portable classrooms.”
Yes, there will be a lot changing next year.