AirPods Hide a Tune

“AirPods are banned!
Oh, wait you can’t hear me.”

Henry Carson

“AirPods are banned! Oh, wait you can’t hear me.”

Isabella Martenson and and Ryan Tzou

Apple AirPods have been all over social media lately, and the sales have skyrocketed from their release in December 2016. Although Apple has not released the number of sales, various websites including CNBC have inferred that AirPods are one of the most popular Apple accessories. The official price for AirPods is $159, but it varies depending on where you get them.

Compared to most wired earbuds, which the average price for is about $30, the price of AirPods is extremely high. The price of the ear buds made AirPods become something of a status symbol. With the popularity spreading on the internet, AirPods spread at BMS too.

Most students just wear AirPods while coming into school and waiting for the bus after school, but some have taken this a step further. Some students have even started sneaking them into class. It is a well known rule in school that hoods and hats are not allowed, and now students have another reason to keep their head hidden in class; to hide their AirPods.

AirPods are surprisingly easy to hide in class since they have no wires and therefore don’t require students to bring their phone into class in order to listen to music. Sorel Kennedy, a 6th grader at BMS, confirms that she’s seen students sneaking AirPods into class. “I think that it is disturbing the student’s learning,” stated Sorel. “I think it’s more of a respect problem because it’s showing that they don’t care.”

Despite the obvious problem of Airpods being a distraction, it is also showing disrespect to the teachers of BMS who work very hard to create lesson plans and teach their students the best that they can.

Although it may seem that AirPods are all bad, there are some benefits too. According to Northcentral University, ¨Music has a profound effect on our mood, blood pressure, and heart rate.” Some students may argue that this could help them focus on their work and also could help them with studying.

Still, some genres of music don’t work and can distract students. This includes music with lyrics because the lyrics override their thoughts and as a result of that, can distract students or distract others around them.

Some genres that will help with focusing include non-lyrical fast-tempo songs, nature sounds and anything without lyrics as long as it doesn’t drown out your thoughts. With Airpods, students have the power of hurting or expanding their knowledge.

It’s all up to a simple tap on a phone screen. So, the question arises, should we ban AirPods or should we regulate their use? And do teachers trust their students enough to let them even have that option of listening to music?