Omicron Questions and Answers

Yash Banerjee and Nikhil Bhadra

Q: Where did omicron come from?
A: Scientists don’t know exactly where it came from, but they have three hypotheses: The virus could have circulated and evolved in a population without people noticing, it could have grown in an infected COVID-19 patient, or it might have evolved in a nonhuman species, from which it spilled back into people, according to

Q: Does the vaccine work on Omicron?
A: According to the “New York Times,“ scientists can not say for sure whether vaccines will continue to protect people from Omicron, but early indications are while vaccines won’t completely protect you, they likely keep many from getting severely ill.

Q: Is Omicron more contagious?
A: CDC officials say that this new Omicron variant is almost twice as contagious as Delta, They don’t have exact details on precisely how much more contagious it is, but almost twice is their theory.