Did Covid get Rid of Snow Days Too?


Adam Cooper

Winter’s last gasp delivered two inches of snow to the area.

Blake Carlson, Staff Writer

Probably the thing that kids love most about winter is missing school for a snow day. On a typical day, you get up not wanting to get out of bed, but when you look out the window and see snow, you get a big burst of excitement! You check your email and see an email from the school saying something like ¨Due to the big snowstorm last night, the roads are very icy, and school will sadly have to be canceled.¨

But this year things could be different. Snow days happen because we can’t physically get to school, but now we all have learned to do school from home, via zoom calls. So can’t we just do that when snow prevents us from getting to school? 

Many students have been interested in this topic, so an interview was held with the BMS school principal, Dr. Rosen. ¨At this time, there have been no announcements from our Board of Education nor have there been presentations/discussions on this topic. However, since we’re heading into winter weather, I suspect this item will come up soon on the Board of Education’s agenda.¨