Snow this week?


Kevin Cano, Visual Designer

Currently, Hurricane Zeta is bashing Mexico; however, the National Hurricane Center predicts that its path will move north across the United States and pass over the Eastern U.S. and Connecticut.

As it moves through the country, it will become weaker, but because of a winter storm currently on the West Coast, the two storms could mix and create a storm full of rain, wind, and possibly snow.

With temperatures dropping into the  20’s this  Friday, there is a real possibility of snow. Remember Hurricane Sandy? We were not supposed to get that storm the way we did until it mixed with another storm creating superstorm Sandy.

Now, we hope not to get the destructive capabilities of Sandy, but it is possible for some damage to occur.  Given the current info, it looks like Connecticut may get a little. We won’t get too much though, so don’t get your hopes up.