Today, the Department Of Justice filed a claim against Google for monopoly laws.

For years, Google has been paying lots of money for their search engine to be the default for regular search software. Google is used almost 90 percent of the time for searches and earns 70 percent of all money spent on search advertising.

The Department Of Justice news page has lots of information on the situation.

Not only was Google attacked by the DOJ, but also by 11 state attorney generals.

Now for those of you who are thinking, “What in the world is a monopoly law,” here is the answer:  Monopoly laws were created in order to keep the competition open in the business world. Take your home for example. Wetporters use Eversource as their energy company. That company is in charge of all the power that comes to your home. Since they are in charge, they could make you pay lots of money for electricity since there is nobody else for them to compete against.

They could literally make you pay thousands of dollars a week. Because of this, the government puts maximum prices that companies can charge in order for customers to keep a bit of money in their pockets. So a company must have competition, and if it doesn’t, there is a maximum price they can charge.

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