These Stairs are Gone, Gone, Gone


James Fiffer

These stairs will not be here next fall.

Ryan Tzou, Staff Writer

Those giant, blue, heavy iron stairs in the library that seem to have been there forever are going to be removed.

The school is getting rid of them to make room for a new classroom on the top, much needed to due to the two middle schools being housed in Bedford next year. Dr. Rosen told “Ursus” that getting the stairs out will be no easy task. The LMC will also get back some valuable space with the stairs gone.

“The plan is to cut up the stairs with blowtorches and then haul the pieces out into the courtyard. Then, a crane will pick up the pieces from the back of the school and lift them over to be hauled away,” said Dr. Rosen.

The plan is to construct more classroom space and teacher workspace on the landing between the classrooms.

If not taken out, this would effectively make the stairs, an awkward staircase to nowhere.

“Yes, I will miss those stairs,” says Shreyas Gorre, a sixth grader at Bedford. “Those stairs help me transition from the library to the upstairs floor, and it helps the flow of the day. It is nice and easy to go up that way from the library. Instead, now, it will be much harder.”

The only way to get to the library from the top floor is to take the stairs near guidance and go through the lower doors of the library. This is going to be a longer walk for some.
This all is part of the effort to make more space for more students at Bedford. The school plans on using every inch of space to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Even now, with all of these modifications, Bedford is still going to be packed with students and staff alike.