Portable Classrooms To Help Elem. Schools


Alex Gaines

Portable classrooms are temporary solutions when schools have a demand for space.

On Dec. 17, 2018, the BOE voted to move all 6th students down to the elementary schools next year. In order to fit an additional students to each school, portables classrooms must be acquired by the town.
There are lots of questions regarding these temporary additions to the elementary schools. Can they be acquired? These buildings are in high demand. Is there enough space? Will they get approved by the zoning committee? All of these issues and others must be finalized before the 6th grade can be housed at the elementary schools.

Previously, the plan was to have some portables brought to BMS. Have you seen all the kids in the hallways? The thought was to purchase some portables to ease some congestion and allow for more classroom space.

Around the middle of September, it was discovered that Coleytown Middle School had been infested with black mold. Because of this, the sixth and seventh graders from Coleytown have come to BMS, and the CMS eighth graders have gone to classes set up at Staples. As you can see, space is in high demand.
Plenty of teachers are sharing their classrooms and some spaces have been repurposed. We spoke to some staff and students about portables.

Mr. Don Savage, a health teacher at Bedford said, “I think they’re going to be like regular classrooms but will have some challenges to them. They will be very similar to regular classrooms, only outside. Portables will be better because they will spread out students, so there is also a good side to the whole thing.”

Another concern has been how to secure them. When asked about this topic, Mr. Savage said, “I think the security is pretty good, and they will make people stay away from school grounds. Everyone’s security, the teachers are security, the custodians are security.”