An Orphan Reminds All Of What’s Important


Veronica Rodrigo, Staff Writer

The musical, “Annie,” performed by the Bedford Acting Group two weekends ago, was a big hit among both students and teachers. Cat Betit (Cast A) and Liliana Gomez (Cast B), played Annie and starred in the show along with an adorable dog, Marti who played Sandy.
Cat Betit says, “What I miss the most is being with Marti and Skylar. I miss both of them and I loved working with them.”

Marti is actually a rescue dog who has appeared in 2014’s “Annie” starring Quvenzhane Wallace. Skylar is her trainor, who helped teach Cat and Liliana how to properly do the scenes with her.

Liliana Gomez says, “My favorite part of the play was actually performing, and I miss everyone and the great memories I made.”
Cat and Liliana are sure to remember their time with the cast and crew of Annie, as well as Marti and Skylar.