Why I Don’t Play Fortnite

A player wins a game of Fortnite.

Photo From Epic Games

A player wins a game of “Fortnite.”

Daniel Hamilton, Staff Writer

Youtubers such as Typical Gamer and TSM Myth would tell you any day that “Fortnite” is one of the best selling games on the market and one of the best games to play alone and with friends.
And they would be idiots. In the most respectful way, sorry.

Not only is “Fortnite” a bad game, but Epic Games has gotten sued multiple times due to the company violating copywrite laws and copying some dances without permission.

When I played “Fortnite,” the graphics were horrible. I still play “Fortnite” from time to time, but the more I play, and the more I grow as a player, the more I lose attraction to the game. Not to speak about the sweats–you know, the people who play the game all day, everyday, 20 hours a day. They take no breaks, take a shower only every once in a while, and are constantly getting way better at the game than your average gamer. This just ruins the game for all players, not just me.

But there is a game that I would recommend to you punks: “Warzone.” It’s way more advanced, and one of the best Call of Duty’s on the market. Dr. Disrespect and NickMercs would say the same, and I completely agree with them. If you like any of the other Call of Duty games, then this is most definitely the game for you . Also, if you like any war games like Apex or PUB G, then you would love this game.

It comes with features such as creating your own class, it gives you free gifts once a week and has varieties of skins you can choose from .

So with all this in mind, Warzone is just the better game. Let’s be honest, if you still play “Fortnite,” you’re likely 10 years old, screa–ming and dancing with your friends: “WE LIKE FORTNITE WE LIKE FORTNITE”, or you play to make money by streaming the game on Twitch and other popular streaming platforms.