New Map In ‘Among Us’


A sneak peek at the new “Airship” map in Among Us.

Lily Gray, Staff Writer

How many times have you played the same 3 Among Us maps? You’ve likely already memorized every location in each and every map, where all the tasks are, where all the vents lead, and where the best place for a stack kill is. But how many times have you gotten bored of playing the same old maps day after day?

That’s why many players have resorted to using websites such as, an online Among Us mod that lets you use modes such as Jester, Troll, Twins, 0 kill cool down, and others. But with the new update to come in early 2021, there will be new skins, new colors, and best of all, a new map!

“It looks like a cool new map, I like how it’s in a spaceship,” said Mrs. Kathryn Gray, who claims to play Among Us.
According to International Business Times, “As for the update’s release date, nothing is official until now except for the “early 2021” window.” The new release is also expected to bring to features, such as ladders and a moving platform.

On a poll sent out to ten students, 70% replied that Among Us is their favorite game.

“I think that the fact that they changed it from a spaceship to an airplane is pretty cool,” says Says 6th grader Sienna Schwartz. “They have even added some new areas and rooms. The map has also expanded. The design of the plane is bigger than any of the other maps before! I think it’s really cool!”

So when the new map comes out, be sure to check out the new moving platforms and ladders! And now, you can be thrown out of a airship instead of a space ship.