Among Us is killing it at BMS


Camille Mergenthaler, Satff Writer

You’re running down the hall on the way to the cafeteria to complete the task of connecting wires and, as you pass Medbay, you stop. You see blue dead, with a big bone sticking out of its torso. You run to press the dead body alarm but before you can, you are stabbed by red- the imposter. This is a similar situation for many Among Us players. Among Us is one of the most popular games on the internet, and in our school, as of the fall of 2020. It was created by the company, InnerSloth, and has amassed about 60 million daily users. Many of these users go to BMS.

You can play in a private game, where you play wi. At this time of year, it is very hard for kids to see each other. Indoor gatherings were discouraged. Since the weather outside is not pleasant this time of year, many people have resorted to virtual gatherings.

On Fridays, I play an Among Us game with some of my friends including Anna Ji. When asked why she liked the game so much, she replied by saying, “It is so exciting! When I am a crewmate, it is interesting to see others kill or just suspect people! Although being an imposter is stressful, I enjoy the thrill of killing other people and then running away. I personally love being the detective in the game, and trying to figure out who is ‘sus’.” 

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By playing this game, it allows us to be together, but also it eliminates any boredom or awkwardness since we are playing a game. I recommend this app for all middle school or high school kids and strongly encourage them to play it any time soon.