Young Writers in Connecticut

Ryan Tzou and Camille Mergenthaler

Recently, Daisy Fording (BMS), Lucia Wang (BMS), Jolie Gefen (CMS), Sophia Papp (CMS), and Sofia Spencer (CMS) all won an honorable mention in the Connecticut Student Writers Contest, which is part of the Connecticut Writing Project (CWP). This is funded by UCONN.

Each applicant wrote a poem, story, or article, and submitted it. It can be any genre, and can For all the rules, go to

Jolie Gefen wrote a story called “What Max Would Want.” Her LA teacher was Mr. Ferrante, from Coleytown. This story has a strong message – that of which you should always show compassion for others, regardless of how they may have treated us in the past.

Sofia Spencer wrote a story called “The Heart of Bracelets.” It is about a foster child that comes to find her birth parent in a most unexpected way. This story is full of twists and turns, and it is a moving read. Her teacher was also Mr. Ferrante.

Daisy Fording wrote a story called “Setting the Butterfly Free.” She was in Mrs. Rodriguez’s LA class, in the Bedford 7th grade purple pod.

Lucia Wang wrote a story called “Lost.” She is an 8th grader at Bedford. Her LA teacher is Mrs. Antonovich.

Finally, Sophia Papp wrote a story called “Closure.” This is about a girl that has to experience the hardships of life- especially losing loved ones. She has to come to accept that it is a part of our experiences as we get older.

We went and read the submitters works of literature, we were astounded at how good it was! It was breathtaking. In Jolie Glefons story, “What Max would want.” I thought it was so sad,I started feeling sentimental. We both thought they were awesome story’s and they definitely deserved the awards.

If you would like to submit a story or article, go to the website in the second paragraph to see the full instructions.