‘Witches’ Casts a Magical Spell


Finnegan Courtney, Staff Writer

From the dashing seventh & eighth grade “Peter Pan” earlier in the year to the fantastic sixth grade “Witches,” Bedford has great drama.

From the directors, to the cast, to the Tech Crew that helped set it all up, BMS knows how to make great plays.

Mrs. Karen McCormick directed “Witches” with Ryan Smith, who lead the Tech Crew. Two dozen parents also helped make the whole production incredible.

“Everyone did a great job. Actors were amazing, big hand to tech crew and the special effects were truly amazing,” said Mrs. McCormick.

The play was performed four times: once on March 31, twice on April 1, and once on April 2.
“Yes, very!” was the response from Sebastian Gikas (Luke, Cast B) when asked if he was excited about doing the play.

Before the actual performance, Quinn Mulvey, who played the Grand High Witch in Cast A said how much the theater meant to her.

“I’ve always enjoyed theatre. It’s always been a huge part of my life. I’m especially excited to play the ‘Witches’ because I get to play the villain, something that I don’t usually do.”

Sophia Bruno agrees. “I really enjoy acting, I’ve always enjoyed it ever since I was young because you can be anyone, even someone who’s like the opposite of you. In like an hour and 45 minutes, or even 15 minute skit, you get to portray a character that is totally different from you and you got to portray character that you thought the best thing of all is that you get to tell a story in a totally wacky and different scenario that doesn’t happen everyday.”

Mrs. McCormick likes all the scenes, but she will always remember one. “When the Grand High Witch transformed because people just couldn’t believe it, while in reality, it was just her (the glamorous Grand High Witch) kneeling down behind the podium and the Monstrous Grand High Witch standing up. That’s a highlight.”

“Everyone did a great job. Actors were amazing, big hand to tech crew and the special effects were truly amazing.””

— Karen McCormick

This play has took a long time, since January, from auditions, to rehearsals, to dress (till 7 o’clock) rehearsals, to the fantastic result, a play for the ages.