Maddie and Tae: Good ol’ Country Pop

The duo is bound to be crossover stars.

The duo is bound to be crossover stars.

Maddie and Tae

Country music? Not your type of thing, right? What if it were pop with a hint of Texas in it?
Welcome to Maddie and Tae, two girls who make an amazing duo.

Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye started together by writing the song, “Girl In A Country Song,” and when it turned out to be a hit, they kept on writing and singing.

They write songs for the purpose of telling their own stories in ways that other people can relate to. That gives people a voice, through their music. “We wanted to write the songs from a girl’s perspective,” said Tae, which they know how to do in the right way.

Maddie explains how one of their songs was inspired because of a “beauty-queen bully” from high school who sent her friends and her home in tears every day. To help get over it, she wrote the song, “Sierra.”
They both continue to say that they are “girls who have something to say,” and communicate that and their “themes” through their music.

With songs like “Your Side Of Town” and “Smoke,” their music is both upbeat and moving, and communicate meaningful messages.

In “Fly,” the moral is that it is a necessity to keep moving on in life. In “After The Storm Blows Through,” they sing about the importance of having someone by your side, no matter what occurs.
In the song, “Girl In A Country Song,” there is a reference to the great country singer, George Strait. They sing, “Aww no, Conway and George Strait, never did it this way, back in the old days.” They sung this because country today is more pop music than it was even just 15 years ago.

Today, country songs have a variety of other instruments. Country is usually not so loud or too upbeat; it is usually more low-key. Nowadays, country is very upbeat, peppy, and sometimes pretty loud.
While Maddie and Tae are great singers, their country music is more pop than country. That doesn’t make it any worse, though, and a lot of people can still enjoy their music.

The line between country and mainstream music has been meddled with overtime, but there are still many differences.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” The lyrics she sang were all country, without the Southern accent. She is like Maddie and Tae in many ways, but they were born in different areas. Taylor’s country is very similar to pop music because it is upbeat, fun, and more mainstream like Maddie and Tae’s music.

“We love all music, but we’re girls from where Country comes from. It’s who we are; it’s how we live. And that’s the music we want to make. It makes us happy, but like what we write about, it’s also who we are,” said Marlow and Dye.