Help Bob With Holiday Shopping!

Alex Gaines, Staff Writer

The winter holiday season is coming up, and with it comes gift-giving for family and friends. Here are six popular gifts to buy middle schoolers.
According to an article “The 39 best gifts for teens 2019,” in “Today,” here are what they think the best holiday gifts for teens are in two different categories: “Technology” and “Unique Gifts.”

Technology: Apple AirPods
These wireless headphones have been a hit for Bedford Middle Schoolers because they are super convenient, easy to carry around, and they can charge inside their case—so no need for an outlet once the case is charged.

Unique Gifts: PopSockets
A totally unique and cool way to grip your phone, PopSockets are perfect for middle schoolers because they can fit on any phone and come in tons of different colors, textures, and styles.

I went to Popsugar’s “75 of the Best Tween Gifts That Will Prove You Actually Know What’s Cool” article for a different opinion. They didn’t sort the gifts into categories, but here are some good ones I found:

Crocs: Crocs are super comfortable and super popular shoes that you can get in all different colors and buy “Jibbitz” (charms) for.
Nintendo Switch: The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console with tons of games that can either be handheld or “switched” onto your TV.

From “Good Housekeeping”’s article on “60 Best Gifts for Every Type of Teen Out There,” a personal charging hub, a silicone charging station that can charge three different devices (IPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods) at the SAME TIME!

Cable Bites: These animals are super cute to put on the end of your charger to make it look like an animal is gnawing on your device!
So, times running out. Help Bob get through traffic to the new SoNo Collection mall in Norwalk to pick up items for his friends There’s gonna be some traffic for the holiday season, so good luck!