Better Lunar than Later


James Osborne, Staff Writer

October 16 is Observe the Moon Night at Westport’s own Astronomical Society.

Located on 182 Bayberry  Ln. you could view the full moon in all of it’s glory and maybe even see a couple craters.  Around the world, people celebrate Observe the Moon night to learn more about culture, science and space exploration.

I’ve seen pictures of the moon through the Hubble Telescope and they were absolutely beautiful.  You can see huge craters from where it was hit by meteors and protected the earth.  It is hard for the Hubble Telescope to get pictures of the moon because the moon moves so fast.  Did you know that scientists believe that the moon’s core is squishy?  To learn more about the moon, stop by the Astronomical Society.  There are so many super cool things up in the infinite expanse we call space.

Pluto has a huge heart shaped glacier visible from space called “the heart of Pluto.”  Exoplanet Kepler 186f has what looks like red grass and is in a completely habitable zone but with colder temperatures and liquid.  It is 558 light years away.”

— Cool Facts About Astronomy