Maker Faire Highlights Innovation


Henry Carson

Thousands attended the Maker Faire, held each year at the Westport Public Library and the Jesup Green area.

Nick Lolis, Staff Writer

The Westport Maker Faire, with many, many incredible, insightful, and innovative creations, took place in front of Westport Library on April 21 and 22.

The event allows engineers, artists, and hobbyists a chance to show off their work and interact with their creations.

The Maker Faire will continue this weekend with a special surprise including a shout out to the new Avengers movie. The Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools plan to be present.

Bedford Middle School had an art station located in the parking lot where people were able to spin a decision wheel that would decide what the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders would make for the visitors. The creators would design, paint, decorate and then destroy the creations.

There was also a Bedford Middle School station where you could manually load a blaster with pom-poms and fire it at a cardboard scoreboard.

Henry Carson
The Maker Faire allows visitors to explore the innovations of small companies and schools.

Henry Carson

Henry Carson