Rei Seltzer
Rei Seltzer is an "Ursus" 2019/2020 Staff Writer. In Rei’s free time he likes to play soccer, he also likes to play with Legos and Magna tiles. Rei loves to build houses with magna tiles and legos and use his imagination. Rei has fun Writing and does "Ursus" to get a voice in BMS. Rei also feels very strongly about Zero Waste and Recycling. Infact, Rei did Green Student Leadership Club in GFS last year with Mrs. Fowle. Rei also does "Ursus" to become a better writer. Debating is also one of his favorite things. “Be yourself because no one can do as well as you can do.”

Rei Seltzer, Staff Writer

Nov 08, 2019
What’s Next For Coley? (Story)
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Rei Seltzer