Middle School and Zoom Fatigue

Ben Buchalter, Staff Writer

After a long day of school, you sit back, feeling completely tired and drained – and not the good kind of drained. The kind of drained where you don’t want to do anything at all. Why does this happen? Are you the only one?

Well, if you do experience this so-called “Zoom Fatigue,” you’re not alone.

A ton of sources has reported on this – from TED to National Geographic to the BBC. Many experts have reported about it and talked about what causes it. I spoke to local therapist Dr. Tara Levinson on the topic, and she had this to say:

“As we have all moved into a lifestyle that requires more sustained time in front of electronics, our brains are constantly activated and attentive.  This results in more feelings of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, boredom, and, at times, feelings of low mood and negativity. ”

When asked about how to best deal with this, she recommended “that you take breaks from the screen when you can.” This includes:

  • Walking Outside
  • Changing your environment between classes.
  • Find ways to entertain yourself outside of screens.

In short, if you’re feeling tired after zoom classes, apply the oldest self-medication in the book and walk it off.