A Week of Appreciation is Not Enough

It’s not Teacher Appreciation Week anymore; however, at the end of a strange and challenging year, it is more important than ever that we recognize the hard work of Bedford’s teachers, administrators, custodians, security guards, and bus drivers.

Whether we were learning in-person or online, Bedford staff have worked tirelessly to keep us safe and helped us to maintain a sense of normalcy.

To make this school year possible, teachers worked harder than normal. They’ve had to teach two classes at the same time: one to learners at home, and one to those in school. According to 8th grade Green Pod Science teacher Mr. Jason Frangenes, “Zoom was, of course, the biggest frustration and that required a tremendous amount of extra prep time in order for it to be somewhat workable.” Teachers adjusted and revised lesson plans, assessments, and worksheets. They patiently replied to emails, answered questions, and organized countless extra help sessions. They got to know their students despite only seeing half of everyone’s face. Teachers gave their all so that we could learn and be successful this year. “I tried my best, and I hope that the kids got enough out of 8th grade Science to be ready for high school,” says Mr. Frangenes. “It was a long road to get to this point.”

Teachers aren’t the only people who work at Bedford. Bedford’s custodial and security staff kept the school clean and safe 24/7. Main Office staff and administrators worked harder than ever this year to manage students both in the building and at home. Last but not least, bus drivers adapted to new schedules and routines to ferry in-person learners to and from school. It took all of Bedford’s staff members to make this year possible.


— The Staff

We are surrounded by unrecognized superheroes, hiding in plain sight. What can we do to acknowledge all that they do for us? The “Ursus” staff has a few suggestions: To make a big difference in a teacher’s day, please remember to be polite and respectful. Remember the work that teachers do every day. Acknowledge your teachers by saying “please” and “thank you.”

These simple actions make every week Teacher Appreciation Week. Students should also try not to take in-person learning for granted. Now that we’re back in school, it seems like everything is back to normal – for us, at least. Even though we no longer have to worry about distance learning, teachers still have to deal with Zooms and distance learners as well as the physical class in front of them. They know that this year has been hard for students, but we can’t forget that this year has been even harder for them.

Summer is almost here and the school year is mostly over. We made it through 2020 and the first half of 2021. We all deserve a vacation. Yet, we can’t forget the staff members who made both distance learning and in-person learning feasible. Thanks to them, we were able to learn and see our friends. Thanks to them, some of us could attend school in-person while others could continue to learn from home.

One week is not enough for teacher appreciation. From the students, thank you!