A New Way of Giving Thanks


Arya Mehta, Staff Writer

Every year for us, Thanksgiving is something we look forward to for more than a feast. We gather around a table with family and friends to give thanks to one another. But as COVID -19 cases erupt around our state and country, we are finding ourselves indecisive as to what to do for Thanksgiving.

Gathering with family and friends may be out of the question for some families. This means that those big feasts and the enjoyment of being in person with a family member or friend may not happen. Families will have to find another way to celebrate even if that means getting on a Zoom call with your guests. 

Something else that you may be thinking about is what you are thankful for! Thanksgiving isn’t just about a feast, it’s about giving thanks. With COVID-19, families may have to go deeper with their thanks. For instance, this year you can be thankful for all of those healthcare workers helping us deal with this. Or you can be thankful for yourself or a family member staying safe and healthy during these tough times. But you can also be grateful for someone you don’t even know that is protecting you by wearing a face mask.

Thanksgiving this year sure will be different, but we are all in this together and grateful for each other. For once we all know that we are connected.