Shooting Games are Too Violent


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Shooting Games are Too Violent

Ryan Tzou, Writer

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More and more kids are playing violent video games without thought of if they have any effect on themselves in real life.

These video games are becoming more and more addicting to children, and they often get found playing hours and hours of these mind-numbing games. Many say that they have tried these games, but put them down after a few minutes because they just can’t see why people like them so much.

Epic Games, a video game company who’s most popular game you’ve probably heard of (Fortnite), has a worth of $8 billion. Tim Sweeney, who is the founder of Epic Games, is now a billionaire thanks to the millions of people that now playing Fortnite. Every month, Fortnite averages over 40 MILLION users!

But Fortnite isn’t the most violent. Games like Player Unknown’s “Battlegrounds” (more commonly known as PUBG) have very realistic graphics. This leads players to connect this more with the real world and become a more violent person in general.

Not only are these video games super addictive, but more than a handful popular YouTubers play these video games and make more money than they should. Children look at these people like role models, and think of this as an excuse not to get a job, or even to not go to college.

There is another risk that is not much talked about. It’s cyberbullying. Most games have some sort of chat, whether it’s voice or type. People have the freedom in these chats to do whatever they want, so they take it upon themselves to insult other people or even curse.

Don’t forget to take physical health into consideration, either. Since these games are so addicting, lack of sleep is common for players. Lack of sleep will often result in emotional difficulties, daytime sleepiness, poor attention span, and much more, according to Medical News Today.

A lot of people play these games solely because they are pressured to do it because everyone else is doing it. A lot of players say they play because they feel this as a way to bond with friends. When everyone else is doing something, you feel the need to do it too. That’s the power of peer pressure.

According to a CBS News story, kids (8 to 18) spend an average of seven hours a day looking at screens. A lot of this time is due to these addicting video games.

Overall, I think that these types of video games should really not be available to young children because they are very  harmful.

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