Sports Trying to Make a Comeback


Christian Verheyen

Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach placed pictures of fans in seats before Saturday’s match against Bayern Leverkusen. (Getty Images)

Oliver Oren, Staff Writer

For lots of boys and girls, there is one factor that makes quarantine even more boring than it already is.

That is, no sports.

Since March Madness is such a huge event, and closed, most people thought all sports will be done for the rest of the year, or even longer. Considering there are a lot of sports channels on TV, the shutdown of almost ALL sports is a big letdown to a lot of people.

But with the arrival of the Bundesliga (the top soccer league in Germany) on May 15 and the Korean Baseball League (KBO) on May 14, there is a little bit of hope that sports may have a comeback. Both leagues play without fans, but Bundesliga have started to add pre-recorded fan noises to make the games more realistic.

I asked three students the same two questions. What do you miss more – the sports you play, or watching sports? And do you think most professional sports will come back? 7th grader Wilfred Hurley said, “I’d have to say that I miss the sports I play more. Not only do they help me get enough exercise, but they are a great way to spend time with my friends. I think that most sports will come back pretty soon. Maybe it will be hard with sports like soccer and lacrosse though, because they are team sports with lots of people playing at once.”

Perrin said “I miss playing sports more than watching sports, and I think that some sports will come back, but it will take time for sports, in general, to come back.”

“I definitely miss playing my sports,” said Luca, another 7th grader. “I really enjoy playing soccer with my friends and teammates. I really miss the feeling I get before games and when I score. I love watching my favorite soccer team on tv but playing soccer is my favorite thing to do. And as much as I really want sports to come back, it is important that I will still continue to social distance, so I do not think sports should come back just yet.” 

In general, it seems that most people would rather their own sports come back than professional sports, and think that sports will come back, it just may take a while.