Anti-Semitism on the Rise Across America


Photo From Al Jazeera

Respect paid to victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Will Enquist, Staff Writer

To anyone who watches the news it’s obvious: anti-Semitism is on the rise. According to ADL, an organization that tracks hate acts, there was a “dramatic” rise in anti-Semitic acts.

According to “Dissent” magazine, the biggest threat to Jewish people is white supremacists. This is backed up by the fact that 60 percent of people arrested for anti-Semitic acts in the first quarter of 2019 were white. The “Dissent” also claims that the number of white supremacist and anti-Semitic acts have been on the rise since President Trump took office. President Trump also claimed that some of the people at the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally were “good people.”

Others point to social media and people’s ability to hide behind a screen and express any opinion. The New Zealand synagogue shooter live streamed his shooting on Facebook and instructed viewers to “subscribe to Pewdiepie,” the second largest Youtuber in the world and who has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks on his channel.

Just in November there was a shooting in a kosher grocery store but there is hope since the Charlottesville rally that anti-Semitic acts have been decreasing by 9 percent last year but many look to the past and say anti-Semitism is not over yet.

Opinions of students are direct and to the point. Graham Griffin said “Anti-Semitism is caused by bad people.”