Bedford, Coleytown Rank Best


Lillie Bukzin, Staff Writer

For the year of 2016, Bedford Middle School nad Coleytown middle school have been ranked No. 1 and 2 public middle schools in Connecticut and 17th best middle school in the entire country.

This ranking is put together by a website called Niche. This website ranks everything based on the overall experience at the school. They also take into account the “Strength of academics, quality of teachers, diversity, as well as the overall quality of the school district,” as the website states.

Niche says that it has taken into account about 16,400 middle schools.

The website explains that at Bedford Middle School, there are about the same number of girls as boys and about the same number of kids in each grade. It also says that all together, Bedford would receive an A plus.

“We are proud of this accolade and it does not come as a surprise to me because we have wonderful students,  a dedicated staff, and great teachers,” said Principal Dr. Adam Rosen. “However, this recognition will not change our desire to grow and innovate as a school community.”