Which Stream Should You Fish In?

Netflix and Dwight Schrute “beet” the rest.

photo from NBC/The Office

Netflix and Dwight Schrute “beet” the rest.

Nick Lolis, Staff Writer

So there is this not-old-but-not-new tech called streaming.

It’s basically where you can watch TV shows and movies for a long time on a certain streaming provider.
It’s something like that.
There are many streaming providers. There’s the most popular, Netflix, the newest, DisneyPlus, and a bunch of others like, AmazonVideo, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

Most people would say to get either Netflix or DisneyPlus. In a survey conducted by “Ursus,? Netflix won as most used streaming service there is.

Does that mean that it’s good? Yes.

Does that mean that it’s the only people should use? Absolutely not.

While Netflix has great movies and TV shows, it doesn’t have everything. It doesn’t have many Disney movies, which is why you should also urge your parents to get Disney Plus.

However, what both of them don’t have is almost every movie ever. The streaming service for that, believe it or not, is Youtube.

Yes. Youtube is a streaming service that has almost every movie ever. Ranging all the way from “Shawshank Redemption? to “Frozen,? Youtube has a TV and Movie streaming service that allows you to watch all the seasons of “The Office.?

But CBS has there own little TV shows that come out weekly. And CBS is free. But there’s also Optimum that broadcasts a bunch of movies and TV shows at certain times.
Look, the point is that there are almost way too many streaming services and the one you choose is up to you. It depends on your taste. Do you like short not-feature films and hilarious TV shows? Then Netflix is for you. Do you like to see new films as well as the classics? Then Youtube is for you. Do you like original TV shows that very few people actually watch? Then there’s… a lot of streaming services for you. The one you choose is the one that you like.