Powerful Book of Survival

Powerful  Book of Survival

Jordan O'Brien, Staff Writer

“Tiger Eyes” by Judy Blume is an amazing story of pain and pushing through hard times.

Davey Wexler’s father is shot and killed in his store. She stays in bed for weeks until her mother decides to temporarily stay with family in Mexico. She enjoys sightseeing for two days. Eventually she simply wants to be alone.

One day when her family is off checking out a river, she rides her bike to a canyon where she meets a boy called Wolf, who helps her try to find out who she really is. But after a few weeks of enjoying herself she has to go to school.

This forces her to find friends, lose friends, and keep her cool even when her Uncle Walter, a physicist, gives her a hard time about grades. Yet, while all this is happening, Davey’s mom stays in her own world of pain and stress while Davey’s brother is still the same calm and goofy little guy.

If you’ve been through a hard time or are going through one now, you will both love and connect with this book. For example, losing someone can affect your grades, your social life, or even the ability to get out of bed. Whatever it is this book might help. It helped me when I lost my uncle. You would also like this book if you’re just looking for a good read. This short read of only 224 pages will make you cry but also give you hope.