Who is Ursus? Here’s our Story

Samantha Gettings

Ursus (noun): types of genus Ursidae, also known in Latin as bear.

But, what is Ursus? Led by language arts teachers, Mr. Stephen Rexford and Ms. Samantha Gettings, “Ursus” is Bedford Middle School’s newspaper. “Ursus” is dedicated to reporting stories that are important to our middle school community.

The staff is made up of writers, photographers, and copy editors who work meticulously to put together a quality newspaper filled with important news stories, opinion pieces, photographs, and entertainment.

“Ursus” is comprised of BMS students that have a love for writing and reporting the news. These students are dedicated to providing their peers with true, factual, up-to-date stories that they work tirelessly to gather facts and interviews.

“Ursus” has won five Crown Awards from the CSPA, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, since its original publication in 2014. Each year, the CSPA reviews hundreds of newspaper entries from across the country and even the world. Only a select few are recipients of the prestigious Crown Award.

Still, what makes “Ursus,” “Ursus”? Could it be the brainstorming sessions before the beginning of a new issue? The endless supplies of Jolly Ranchers? Carefully selecting photos for stories that will make our readers feel like they were there? Hours of layout and Photoshop? Editing and revising stories, at least a dozen times? And you can’t forget the epic walkouts from room 113.

Middle schoolers care a lot about issues. We advisers feel it’s important to have a place for interested students to print their thoughts and practice good, responsible citizenship and free speech. If you want to be a part of the staff, we could always use your help. Maybe you like to draw. Maybe you like to review books. Maybe you like politics. If you’re curious, you’d probably like “Ursus.” We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, and when we are in production, we meet everyday to lay the paper out. If you want to be a part of “Inklings” at the high school, “Ursus “is a great place to learn about scholastic journalism.

Many things make up “Ursus,” and as a staff, “Ursus” will continue to grow and report the most significant stories of middle school life. So when you read the paper, know that we are here for you.

And don’t forget…

We have issues!