Looking for Ideas for Quarantine? Scratch!

Teddy Brooks, Staff Writer

Quarantine has been hard for all of us, but then a lot of us have been learning new skills, such as sewing, baking or coding. For those of us interested in coding, but wanting to start it small, there is a program that has been around for a while called Scratch!

Scratch is a coding language that started as a program made by MIT students that has been really popular during the quarantine. If you are thinking, “Oh no! I don’t know how to code! Sounds really hard,” don’t let that stop you. 

Scratch is an incredibly easy coding language for beginners and advanced coders alike. For beginners, it is a good way to start learning coding. For advanced coders, it is really fun to explore the limits of Scratch, and make great projects off of it. 

Scratch is also a great and supportive online community. You can get ideas from other Scratchers, as well as approve their projects. Don’t worry, though, because scratch is moderated. If anything about a project breaks a community guideline, you can report it, and the scratch moderators will take a look at it based on the community guidelines. Easy as 𝛑. 

Parents and students also love s\Scratch. One of the email quotes that the scratch team has gotten is this: Using a set of about 100 commands that can be snapped together visually, you can create just about anything and learn the fundamentals of more advanced languages. In addition, there’s a whole community of people online who will give you feedback on our projects, and gladly help you with your questions,  wrote one 14-year-old

Scratch is a great thing if you want to do any coding, or if you just want to have fun. Either way, it is a great idea. Have fun on Scratch!